Frequently asked questions

What if I have a problem stepping onto the bus?


All drivers are PAT trained.

What if I have grocery bags?
We limit six standard-size grocery bags for each passenger. The first three are NO CHARGE and each additional bag is 50¢. Drivers can assist if needed, but must not lose sight of their vehicle.
What if I need help getting to the vehicle?
The driver can park in your driveway or as close as possible to your door and will knock on the door. All drivers receive Passenger Assistance Training and can help you walk to the bus if needed.
Do I have to wear a seatbelt?
Yes. Wearing a seatbelt reduces risk of injury or death in an accident. Wheelchair positions also have seat belts and shoulder straps. Children younger than four must use a child safety seat. Children younger than eight and under 4’9” must use a booster seat supplied by the parents.
Are passes available?

Yes. Call us to buy a pass. You can buy a pass to eliminate the need to carry exact change.

Will the bus take me directly to my destination?

Sometimes, though we usually pick up other riders along the way.


What if my appointment time changes?

Call our office to see if we are accommodate the new appointment time.


What is your no-show and cancellation policy?

CARTS reserves the right to suspend from services any person, who establishes a pattern or practice of missing scheduled trips without calling to cancel their scheduled trip. CARTS will work with the person to reduce their no-shows prior to suspending service.

CARTS will review all no-shows to ensure the process was followed properly to accurately record the number of occurrences. No-shows that exceed 20% per month may result in service suspension or reinstatement fee. The first occurrence of 20% or more per month may result in a 1 week service suspension. The second occurrence within a 3 month timeframe may result in a 2 week suspension of service. The third occurrence within a 6 month timeframe may result in a 3 week suspension. The fourth occurrence in a 6 month timeframe may result in a 4 week suspension. All suspension decisions will be the responsibility of the Transit Director and are subject to appeal.

We understand that situations arise and there may be a need to cancel your appointment. If this occurs, please contact our office at 330.424.4015 as soon as you are aware of the change, a minimum of 2 hours prior to ensure you are logged as a cancellation and not a NO-SHOW

What if I have more questions?

Please do not hesitate to call our office. If you have a concern or complaint, please call the Transportation Supervisor at 330.424.4015.



Yes. CARTS welcomes service animals. However, companion pets are NOT permitted on the vehicles.