CDBG Microenterprise Training

As a requirement under the CDBG Microenterprise Training, you are required to complete the 14 session course provided by My Own Business, Inc. Register for the free course here.

After completing each session, you will need to perform certain activities that will be brought to your individual sessions at Community Action. You can view these required activities along with additional tips and suggestions by clicking on the links at the right of this page. There are no required activities for Sessions 11 through 14.


We suggest that you save all of your activities on a disk. Each of the activities are used to build your business plan. Please bring your disk to each of your appointments at CAA

Please select the session number that you are working on at the right and perform the activities that are outlined. The tips and suggestions should be used in conjunction with the website and text.


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Call Martina Grimm at 330-424-4013 or e-mail me:

My Own Business Course

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